Volume 2, Issue 3 (Online Access & PDF Download):

In this issue, a mysterious singer enchants the world with her indecipherable songs in Artyv K's "Nouon." Follow the procession of the Three-Born Grianites as they honor Gria, the genderless deity of death, in Sinclair Grey's "Ritual." Ted Snyder shares the ritual of writing in "Journaling as Ritual Practice." Also includes stunning poetry from Laura Bernstein-Machlay, Brenda Mann Hammack, Agnieszka Krajewska, Devin Overman, James Frederick William Rowe, and Celeste Rose Wood.  

God at Breakfast; Satan at Supper : Laura Bernstein-Machlay
Ritual : Sinclair Grey
 : Artyv K
The Daemon of My Heart is the Heart of the Forest : Agnieszka Krajewska
Opal Mourns the Loss of One of Her Flitter-Mice : Brenda Mann Hammack
Brigid of the Birds : Brenda Mann Hammack
운명 : Devin Overman
Fury of a Language Isolate : James Frederick William Rowe
Taboo : James Frederick William Rowe
Journaling as a Ritual Practice : Ted Snyder
Concentricity : Celeste Rose Wood
The Movable Bodily Limit : Celeste Rose Wood