Smart Solo Sex : Rebecca Barnstien
From She Who Bears the Name of Deliverance : Kristi Carter
Between Oranges : Kristi Carter
The Breaking of Ashes : Gene Case
Venus Androgyne : Tyler Friend
If I Needed Someone : Barton Kunstler
Magick (after Circe) : Raymond Luczak
Adam : Raymond Luczak
How Grief is Inscribed in a Lover's Intestinal Lining : Philip Matthews
What Ran Brightness : Philip Matthews
Reincarnation, Waiting for Someone to Speak : Philip Matthews
My Skeleton Acquires Language : O Mayeux
Heavenly Bodies : Amanda Rodriguez
He, a Poppy Field : Robin Sinclair
Living with Ghosts : Elyssa Tappero
Game on Witch, the Threequel : Alex Vigue