If I Needed Someone


I would love to be one of those
mushroom-loving hysterical maidens
running around the stony Greek myths
with a name like Swift Horse
Horse Mind or even Crazy Horse
dashing up mountain slopes
and juggling fiery torches
while after me panted
the hired bounty hunting man of reason
supposed to bring me down

I'd hide in a cave
and when he came looking for me
I'd get my sisters
named Quivering Jaws
Psycho Bomb or Bloody Thighs
and tear his apple-green adam out
so he understands
that time always brings
his humorless god
back to us
is there no end to his insistent clarity?

or a pirate from Lesbos
slobbering between the thighs
of temple priestesses
while their husbands are away at war
I'd like to heap corn silk on their breasts
and plunge my rosy finger
into the wine-dark amulets of their sex
at noon we'd puke neat wine into bronze cauldrons
and taste each other's sour lips
till they abandon their city gods
and those newer myths of love.