Heavenly Bodies

By Amanda Rodriguez

Constellations map her body.
A web of star systems
Linked with permanent ink on her skin.
I turn off the light in our bedroom;
She is bio-luminescent.
She is galaxies contained.

Look, I say, there's the Milky Way,
Tracing a finger lightly over her secret places.
And over here is Andromeda,
Watching nebulae and stardust
Disappear into the soft pelt of her underarm.

Her chest is a glowing, unstoppable supernova.
Tomorrow or someday, this radiance will go dark.
Though I know standing so close to this
Primordial, cosmic force will destroy me,
I will stay.

I will stay just until
The tips of my fingers burn and
My hair crisps and curls.
Just a while longer.
Just a little while longer.