Game on Witch, the Threequel


Fat Witch straps into their black biscuit heels and hops on the train
in six stops they hop off

Fat Witch throws open the old theater door
inside is galactic light and siren wails

queer kids tutting and voguing out powerful spells on streaked, dented wood floors
covens competing for talismans and trophies

Fat Witch snakes through the crowed making their way to the judges table
waves at beautiful, powerful friends along the way

Bronchitis and his husband are standing on the edge of the dance floor
throwing their wrists and sparking snaps to the current performer

A continence of elementals runs the lights
Johnny is chatting up a cute couple in the corner.

Fat Witch taps one of the judges shoulders, she points to the sign-up sheet
with a rhinestoned claw, “which category you here for honey?”

Fat Witch shouts over the thumping music, “The Legends’ Séance!”
A ball to honor the dead. A ball to celebrate life.

The final category starts with full lights on and music stopped
Fat Witch walks to the center of the floor
and meets five other queer witches, many of color in circle
they remove clothing and expose their softest, self-conscious parts
tummies, thighs, upper arms, asses, faces bare
one picks nose, gold and glimmer, licks it finger down
two wipe their ears clean and suck on the wax
two dab their tired eyes and eat the salt dust
the final comes in their hand and consumes
ingredients of the body

The full house of queers are suddenly moving
the judges dance, the voguers slay, and the queens prance
the revelers revel, the quiet ones bob their shoulders until a bolder
soul pulls them in to dance
the past spirits gleam
For a short while in that daytime bingo hall turned nighttime cathedral there is only gaiety.